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Ellie: Even though it may seem dark there is always light.


Hi my name is Ellie and I’m a nursing student at Surrey University. I have been diagnosed with POTs for almost four years now and it is an experience I will take through my training to help others.

Before I got diagnosed:
Before I had PoTS I had faced other issues as I had four operations to correct my knees due to a deformity. But other than that I was a dancer wanting to take the world by storm and go on stages around London and share my passion with others. I may not be able to dance now but I know now that helping others was where I was supposed to be.

How it all started:
It was just a normal day at work, I was walking up the stairs and suddenly I collapsed. I awoke with my colleagues around me and paramedics coming up the stairs. I was so scared of what was happening to me, I was blue lighted to hospital. After that collapse I couldn’t stand as my heart rate had gone up to 180bpm resting and my body couldn’t cope with standing up, it was so sudden. I was in hospital for two weeks in the cardiac ward strapped up to machines unable to even go to the toilet on my own. The doctors finally came to a conclusion that I had PoTS and gave me Ivabradine one of the few medications given to control heart rates. I had many tests and been put under a heart specialist in Kent. I tried to do as much research as I could but due to no cure I was stumped, I was an active seventeen year old one day and the next on medication. 

The continuation of health problems:
My one hospital trip was only the beginning. After a certain period on my medication I would start having collapses again as my body would get used to the medication and my heart would race once again. After 6 months to a year my medication is upped regularly. This wasn’t the only problem I faced I got diagnosed with five more medical problems after the age of seventeen. Facing all of these conditions never helped the other and made my PoTS worse. I have had several operations and still want to help people till this day, no matter how many conditions I had I would never let it stop me to pursue my career as a nurse.

What I’ve learned: 
Having PoTS or any medical condition shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams. Even though it may be harder, push harder, strive to achieve as you are amazing and you can do it. Thank you for reading my story and if you have PoTS or know someone that does, remember we are not alone. We must work together to build a network to support each other.


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