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Jess: Don’t give up you’ll get there in the end!


Hello my name is Jess I’m 23, I first started with pots symptoms around 12/13 feeling constantly tired my mum even said I could have fell asleep at the door if I wanted to in a morning whilst getting ready as I was always wanting to sleep. I also wasn’t the typical teen in the way of health I used to constantly pick up bugs and they didn’t seem to go as quick. I ended up missing lots of school and had one head of year say to me at the end of my school years, you are going to fail and not get anywhere but I proved him wrong I came out with over 6 GCSEs a-c and didn’t fail one!

But as well as what I’ve already said the main problem for me was fainting, I first past out in a shopping centre, then an outdoor concert and then collage and many other places I went to see a consultant at 15 and he sent me for a tilt test. I went to see him after that to be told it was nothing and to sit down if I feel like I’m going to faint. After seeing him over the years I passed over 10 times and still never got any answers just, to be told I’d grow out of it. I was discharged from the consultant and my old GP never took anything further even though I had been for sleep tests and the tilt test and at the tilt test I passed out within 15 seconds of being put straight.

Finally, it all got sorted at the age of 21 after numerous fainting episodes and trips to A&E. I was due for an operation but that month I had started with extremely bad palpitations, so I took a visit to my new GP who referred me to the cardiologist.  I got there to find they knew what I had and that I should have have been referred from 16! I had to cancel my operation that week and rearrange as the anaesthetist wanted four of them there and lots of fluid arranged before I went for surgery. I’m glad they did rearrange it as even then my pulse went dangerously high and they said I may have not made it if I had gone down without them knowing about my condition.

But enough doom & gloom since getting to know my condition I’ve learnt to control it better and I have the support of the lovely PoTS nurses. I’ve now decided to help others by training to be a nurse. I’m now in my second year, yes first one was hard for me with the long hours standing and working but I wouldn’t give it up for the world!!  I’ve wanted to get the word out in other ways, I’ve been entering beauty competitions for the past three years as it’s really helped me boost my confidence and also get the word out with appearances about the condition as I speak about it during radio & magazine interviews. I’m due again to speak about it in the next couple of weeks when I go to talk about my journey in Miss supermodel England. But the moral of my story is if you think there’s something up keep pushing as my doctor just passed it off when I kept saying it’s more than just me growing up and also don’t give up on life if you do get a diagnosis as you should still go for your dreams I have! Thank you x

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