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It all began in October time of 2014, I was studying for my diploma in Computer Networking & Architecture. I had always been fit and well, visiting the gym around 4 times per week, overly I was well.

I had never had a history of heart problems nor did my family. My grandma had a blot clot in the heart but apart from that there was no significant family history.

While in college, I began experiencing severe chest pains and a racing heart, I stood up from my chair to get some air and as soon as I stood - I fell.The paramedics came and rushed me to hospital.

The doctor began using me a test dummy and made me get in and out of bed while attached to an ECG.

The doctor noticed I had a severe increase in heart rate when stood, going from 70 bpm when resting to 160 bpm when standing.After around 5 hours of testing, the doctors were still unable to put their finger on what the problem was, so I was discharged and told to monitor.

Several days later I had another episode while at the gym, I was in the pool and received another state of severe chest pains, I passed out from the pain and fell to the bottom - the lifeguards were absolutely brilliant and pulled me from the water, then calling the paramedics.

Upon arrival, the paramedics assessed me and advised a colleague that he believes I was suffering from PoTS, as he suffered from this syndrome himself. I was put into hospital for several days while they monitored my symptoms while attached to a permanent ECG. I was eventually officially diagnosed with suffering from PoTS, the doctors were unable to understand how the problem appeared to affect me almost instantly and how the syndrome is only local to myself.

Since then all of my family have been put under testing for this and all have been giving the clear.

I am not medicated for this syndrome as of yet however the doctors are discussing giving me Beta Blockers to lower my heart rate.

After 2 years of tests and research, I am finally able to say that I am a sufferer of PoTS, I try to explain the illness to friends and family but nobody seems to know much about it.

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