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Mary: It can only go up from here !


I am 18 years old and have been fully diagnosed with PoTS for a year now. When I was first diagnosed I did so much research into it and only came across quite negative stories and experiences of the condition and it frightened me and I lost a lot of hope. A year down the line and I want to give a positive story for those newly diagnosed that prove living with PoTS is not all bad :) 

I have heard horrific stories of people constantly passing out and unable to get out of bed, luckily I am not that severely affected but it has been a tough journey.

I was fit and healthy then one day, out of the blue, I started feeling constantly light headed and faint. Heart palpitations would come and go and I would get overwhelming hot flushes in class at college and while standing, I couldn't concentrate with constant brain fog. As everyone is aware PoTS is quite hard to diagnose, so at first they thought I had a panic disorder. I do have anxiety, but I knew these new symptoms were something more. After 2 months of symptoms taking over my life, my doctor referred me to a specialist.  I had some tests and was diagnosed with PoTS.

I had to drop a subject at college to make it easier and had to get a lift in every day, but with the medication Midodrine and non medical techniques like drinking a lot of water I managed to finish my year at college with two A's and an A* !

I have started exercising a lot more, I find Pilates helps extraordinarily as it strengthens your core and all round makes you feel much more fit. A year along and here I am, sitting in a beach bar on the coast of Bali, enjoying my life to the fullest. Yes I find it hard sometimes but with the right medication and listening to your bodies needs, taking breaks when you need and drinking plenty of water it is manageable. When I first got diagnosed I would never have dreamt I would have come away from college with excellent grades, travelling the world and attending university in September. If you have just been diagnosed, don't fear because it can only get better from here !

Mary x

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