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Chris: The DMX DJ


Chris cooke (The DMX DJ)

Where do I start... I used to be so active, working on the funfair, working in my local nightclub as the lighting technician and warm up DJ, working a day job at my local garden centre, all at the same time, two at times.  On the 19th may 2013 everything changed! I was sent home from work with a viral infection then spent the next 3 months in and out of hospital (32 times in 3 months), I was literally a pin cushion by the time I was done. I thought my life was over and that eventually I would lose my life because of this.

But then out of the blue, my own uncle who is a GP said 'have you heard of PoTS or Dysautonomia? I think you might have it'. I soon made myself the appropriate appointments and what do you know? I have it! It was then when I was sat with my cardiologist and he said 'take a look at the PoTS UK website you might find it helpful.' That I must say was an understatement. PoTS UK for me are my lifesavers! I love the community and we all share what helps us and if anything can help another person then were all too happy to help.

Since getting this horrible illness I haven’t been able to do a lot at all, but when I’m not so bad I like to make music, and I thought to myself I could do something for PoTS UK, So I said to myself 'You know what, why not do both, kill two birds with one stone.... I’ve got to make my Debut album and donate all proceeds to PoTS UK!' So I have done just that!, The album is called

PoTS Awareness' by 'The DMX DJ' I just feel that without PoTS UK a lot of us wouldn’t be where we are today, so let’s help with funds for PoTS UK and the research into PoTS/Dysautonomia.

It is available on, 24/7 entertainment, 7digital, Amazon, deezer, emusic, google play, itunes, medianet, rdio, simfy, slacker, Spotify mp3, JB hifi and more! (that’s all I can remember at the moment because of brain fog)

You can follow me on twitter and facebook, all you have to do is search The DMX DJ on those sites.

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