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Abigail: Fundraises for PoTS UK


Everyone’s story of PoTS is completely different and mine is no different to that. I just woke up one day, 21st May 2013, tried to get out of bed and couldn’t without collapsing back into bed or feeling so dizzy I thought I was going to faint. This led to me ending up in hospital with doctors trying to figure out what was wrong. I was lucky enough to be unofficially diagnosed after a day of being in hospital. I was officially diagnosed a month later, after enduring a Tilt Table Test. This meant that I had to drop out of my teaching degree because I wasn’t able to cope with any part of the course.

I struggled getting in to see a specialist, but found one after 6 months, and was in a wheelchair until September 2014. After trying several different medications, which made my headaches a lot worse and resulted in me visiting casualty several times, my consultant eventually put me onto Ivabradine. This is my miracle drug! Since starting this in April 2014 I have slowly recovered enough to be able to walk and not use my wheelchair anymore. This was aided from July, when my medication was upped to its current dosage, by me practicing my walking every day. I started by only being able to walk around one side of the block and every day I managed to get a little bit further. I am now able to work as a teaching assistant where I am on my feet most of the day and I am going back to university in September to get my teaching degree.

At Queen Mary’s High School, where I went for the whole of my secondary years, we have a special night where you go back during June to receive your A-Level certificates. Mine was in June 2013, so I had to go back in a wheelchair. This is where my former teachers became interested in raising money to support the PoTS UK charity. Like so many others they had never heard of PoTS before and became very interested in finding out more. My sister was also the head of one of the houses at Queen Mary’s, so she really wanted to raise awareness and raise money. This lead to two out of the four houses voting to choose PoTS UK as their charity for the year. Many different events happened during the year and a massive £3350 was raised.

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