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Sadie: Life does get better


My name is Sadie, I am now 19 years old and have suffered with PoTS for six years. How it all started was when I was up the city shopping one day I suddenly felt sick, dizzy, lightheaded and my speech became very slurred. I literally thought I was dying. Next thing I remember is lying on the floor with a massive head ache and loads of people around me. I was unable to get up every muscle felt like I had run a marathon and I got rushed to hospital. As I was a teenager doctors first thought I had been drinking or doing drugs but as I got endless tests done nothing came up. So I got sent home still feeling unwell. For days I felt rough and couldn't return to school. When I did return it was like nothing had happened until it happened again a few weeks later. Doctors were baffled told me to put on weight to drink more and that it was just my age but I knew it couldn't just be that. I found school very difficult and I was a top athlete no.1 long jumper and 800m runner in England. My training came to an end finally when I ran a race and passed out through the finish line.  I lost a lot of friends because people found it very difficult to be around me because I was fainting several times a day and was always ill. I managed to get through my GCSE's and college and got the grades I wanted and more. My pots got a lot worse when my parents split up and I also got depression trying to work didn't help either so I got laid off, but when i moved to Cambridge and met my fiancé he looked after me and took me to Addenbrookes Hospital, who tested me all over again and they finally found out I had PoTS. Now I'm on beta blockers and finally getting better and I'm looking to return back to work and start a family with my loving fiancé. Living with PoTS and not knowing what was wrong as a teenager was very difficult but just know that with the right help and the right people things will get better.

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