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Self-management programmes

Are you sick of feeling sick?

People with long-term health conditions do not only experience physical problems with their health. Ability to work, relationships, housing and education can also be affected. Sometimes it can feel as if the illness is taking over your life. However, research has shown that patients who take control of their health problems tend to feel better than those who don't.

This does not mean learning more about your condition than your doctors. It starts with the choices that you make about how you eat and exercise and improving communication skills

People who self-manage their condition tend to feel more confident and less anxious. They communicate better with health professionals, visit the doctor less often, require less admissions to hospital and less time off work. Its about learning how to communicate more effectively with your healthcare professionals and using limited time with them more efficiently.

Self management UK helps people with long-term medical conditions to manage their condition more effectively. They aim is to give people the confidence to better manage their health condition while working alongside their health and social care professionals. They organise courses including the Self Management for Life, the Expert Patient Programme and Young People's Programme. Courses are free and you can find details on how to find one near you on their website. Self management UK also provides online support for those who are not able to access a community course. 

Patient's experiences of self-management programmes

Watch this you-tube video to hear from people with long-term conditions and how they benefitted from self-management programmes. 



'The Patient Patient'

Follow this blog and learn about the experiences of someone with PoTS on their journey of self-management with the help of the Expert Patient Programme here.

updated 3/12/13