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PoTS UK International Speaker Fund

PoTS UK invites applications for an award for travel and accommodation expenses from academics or clinicians with particular clinical expertise in Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS) or allied conditions and/or having conducted novel research in the field.

The purposes of this fund will be in accordance with PoTS UK remit to educate medical professionals in the UK with up-to-date PoTS related knowledge, research and resources, and in that way to ultimately benefit the UK patient community.  It aims

  1. To provide novel education to health professionals working with PoTS patients and/or
  2. To increase the profile and interest in understanding PoTS, or in related clinical interventions or research, to a wider audience
  3. To bring internationally recognised PoTS experts to the UK on a regular basis
  4. To increase international communication about developments in PoTS treatment and research
  5. To bring together the speaker and interested clinicians and academics in the hope of stimulating future innovation.

 Applications should be submitted to and should include:

  1. a presentation abstract in under 200 words
  2. a short bio in under 400 words
  3. a list of publications during the past 5 years
  4. information regarding the proposed venue /event where your presentation will be delivered
  5. how the presentation will meet any of the 5 purposes of the fund listed above
  6. whether you have received other sponsorship in support of this presentation

Expectations of the speaker will include but may not be limited to

  1. Presenting a keynote, research or workshop at a relevant conference or symposium.
  2. Presenting an additional talk arranged by PoTS UK for clinicians and/or patients 
  3. Participating in a Q and A article for the PoTS UK website or newsletter
  4. Thereafter acting as a medical advisor to PoTS UK for at least a term of 12 months
  5. Participating in a PoTS UK dinner or other prearranged social event.

Applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Applicants lecture should have been accepted or provisionally accepted by the relevant event organiser or have been invited to deliver the lecture.  Awards are to cover economy class travel and travel-related expenses, & up to three nights accommodation at the conference venue or recommended hotel (not to exceed £2500 and payable on presentation of receipts).  The award will be contingent on the agreement of a minimum of two PoTS UK trustees and two of PoTS UK’s medical advisory board. Except in unusual circumstances, no applicant may receive the grant more than once every 5 years.  Grants may be allocated to applications not meeting all specific guidelines listed if the planned initiative is considered ultimately in patients’ interests, and has the agreement of the trustees and reviewers as above. Further details of Terms and Conditions are available upon request.

updated May 2016