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*Personal Hygiene

dry shampoo

  • Avoid taking a hot or prolonged shower/bath as this dilates your blood vessels, thereby increasing symptoms.  Finishing your shower with cool water may help.
  • Sit on a stool by the sink and in the shower.
  • Dry shampoo spray and wet wipes may be an option on a bad day.
  • Drink a glass of fluid before and after showering.






Stickman Cartoons from "You know you have PoTS when........" by Hannah Ensor, used under licence from

*Currently no available medical evidence. Based on patient experience and opinion. 

Written by: Lorna Nicholsoninformaiton standard
Medically approved by: Dr Kavi, Prof Newton
Updated: 1/9/15
Review date: 1/9/18 

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