Basingstoke Team Parish

London Patient meeting

17th October 2018

We are delighted to have just held our first patient meeting in London! We had a talk from our Chairperson, Lesley, about the history of PoTS UK from its inception in 2011 and the progress that has been made since. It was a pleasure to have guest speaker Jemima open up about her experiences with healthcare professionals and the PoTS focus groups she has been involved with. We also heard about how PoTS has affected her day-to-day activities and some of the support she receives. Our patients had the chance to discuss issues that people suffering with PoTS encounter on a regular basis, sharing ideas and suggesting solutions. We hope everyone enjoyed the day and the hospitality at the Roehampton Club. A big thank you to everyone who helped and all who were able to join us. We hope to see you all and some new faces at future events!


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