Basingstoke Team Parish

Paige runs the London Marathon for PoTS UK

30th May 2018

So I’m here to tell the tale! I completed the London marathon! Such a great day and amazing opportunity to take part in the 

world famous event and I had the pleasure of running in the name of PoTs! Running a marathon is a HUGE task for anyone, and I was inspired to do this refusing to let my condition stand in my way. I was diagnosed with PoTs in 2013 and I have always be determined to not let this impact my life and stop me from doing what I’ve wanted to do which proves challenging at times, however running the marathon was something that even I worried about and wondered if it would even be possible at times. But I couldn’t let myself and all the people that had supported and sponsored me down. Training for 9 months in all weathers including rain,sleet and snow was by no means easy and sometimes found myself missing a week or so of training due to total fatigue BUT I carried on and I made it to the start line. This years London Marathon is officially the hottest race day on record reaching a temperature of 24.1 degrees which was definitely something I wasn’t prepared for as temperature is my biggest trigger. So, following advice I took it slower, drank lots of water and walked when I had to. I was getting over the finish line! It was a long day but I finished in 6hours 40 with a  medal and an experience I will never forget! My friends and family are truly amazing they support me on a daily basis but offered me the much needed extra  love and encouragement throughout my 26.2 mile journey! With the help of so many generous people I raised just over £2000 for a wonderful charity which I hope will help go to towards other people understanding no goal is too big. Against all the odds I finished, however still recovering getting stronger again everyday, soft tissue injuries repairing and fatigue becoming more manageable, but I would would re do it all over again, such an amazing experience! 

As my mum has always said ‘you can do anything if you put your mind to it!’ 



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