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Sally walks 26 miles for PoTS UK

27th September 2017

This years walk was a 26 mile ‘marathon’ walk from our hometown of Malton to sunny Scarborough - which seemed a muchsallys walk easier challenge than last years 24 hour walk!

After weeks of planning we set off at 8am on a lovely Saturday morning determined to arrive in Scarborough by 6pm. The weather was lovely (probably too hot for a potsie to be walking in!) but plenty of fluids and all was fine. 10 miles in and my calf muscles were in agony and I was still recovering from pacemaker surgery two weeks prior to this event so my body felt like it was aching badly early on but with the great banter and motivation from my friends I carried on. We had lots of rest stops along the way to recuperate and refuel and every village we reached seemed a big achievement knowing we were getting closer. Arriving in Seamer (very close to Scarborough) we had our final rest stop and set off again. At this point I felt like I was just dragging my body along, everyone was aching, sore feet with awful blisters but nothing would stop us.

Spirits were high when we finally saw the sign for Scarborough, only to realise it was another 45 minute walk to go to reach our destination which was the seafront! But I’m certain everyone walked faster knowing fish and chips were waiting at the finish line! And by 7.30pm we made it!

There is no better feeling than challenging your body for such a great cause. Pots is a massive part of my life and every year on August bank holiday I will be doing some kind of event to raise money.

A massive thank you needs to be said to my amazing friends for doing this with me and also big thanks to everyone that supported us and donated money to PoTS UK. This year we have hoped to of raised around £1000 for this great charity!

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