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Lorna Steps down as Chair of PoTS UK

18th July 2017

PoTS UK Chair Lorna Nicholson, after much though, has decided to step down from leading our organisation. Happily she lorna on the bikewill remain actively involved in PoTS UK, managing some very important aspects of our work, including the website and Information Standard. Lorna will also and run local support groups and tailored Pilates session in her locality. 

So whilst we are not losing Lorna, it seems an important time to give a huge thank-you to this incredibly dedicated and hard working person.
Lorna was one of the founders of the charity in 2010, when she and Sue Whitfield were aware of a huge need for accurate advice for people with PoTS of all types. A nurse by training, Lorna has been able to bring many skills to PoTS UK including an incredible eye for detail, organisation and an infectious enthusiasm for helping patients. As well as giving countless voluntary hours to the charity's running, she has also directly fundraised and found herself up a mountain or on a bike in our name! Indeed, Lorna has lead by example and encouraged others to lead as full a life as possible with the challenges that a health condition brings.


lesleyMeantime Lesley Kavi, currently a trustee and known to some of you, will step in as Chair, fully intending to continue to flourish and expand the aims and focus of PoTS UK. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the charity is run entirely by volunteers, all of us who also work and either have or support family members with the condition. We are planning to get better at asking for your help so we can take on more challenges going forward so look out for specific requests for skills and volunteers for tasks in the coming months.


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