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21st November 2018

Participants needed for psychology study

Volunteers needed for research on people’s experience of taking medications in people living with long-term health conditions (LTC)

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17th October 2018

London Patient meeting

We are delighted to have just held our first patient meeting in London!

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8th September 2018

Exercise for PoTS - What's the Evidence?

The second of 2 articles on exercise reviews several journal papers, and includes interviews with Drs Lim and McGregor who examine some of the limitations of existing studies. Dr Raj provides 5 practical pearls for exercise training in PoTS.

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Exercise - Treatment or Cure?

The 1st of 2 articles written by Clare Pain examines the similarities between patients with PoTS and astronauts, and includes an interview with Professor Levine.

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9th July 2018

You know you have autonomic dysfunction when.........

You know you have autonomic dysfunction when...” a cartoon book that creates understanding of these complex medical conditions.

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2nd June 2018

PoTS UK learns abut medical alert assistance dogs

PoTS UK visit medical Detection Dogs to learn about their incredible work

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30th May 2018

Paige runs the London Marathon for PoTS UK

So I’m here to tell the tale! I completed the London marathon! Such a great day and amazing opportunity to take part in the world famous event and I had the pleasure of running in the name of PoTs!

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30th April 2018

Young Eva raises funds for PoTS UK

Eva bakes and sells little gem cakes to raise funds for her favourite charities.

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8th February 2018

Key gene may be switched off in some cases of PoTS

Science Made Simple: A review of a recent paper from Australia that shows that PoTS may be caused, in some people at least, when a gene for removing noradrenaline is switched off.

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10th November 2017

Christmas Cards now available to down load

Tasmin is a 21 year old MA Public Relations Student. She was diagnosed with PoTS and EDS during her early teens. Tasmin wants to help support people with PoTS and to spread awareness of the condition. She hopes you enjoy the PoTS Christmas cards she helped to create, and wishes to support the charity in the future

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3rd November 2017

Northern Patient day Leeds

On 28th October, PoTSUK and EDSUK were delighted to hold a patient day in Leeds, providing a support day for those in Northern England. Attendance was close to 100, with individuals travelling from as far as Glasgow to listen to a variety of speakers who kindly gave up their Saturday to assist.

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12th October 2017

3rd annual "Supercar Sunday fun day"

The clouds parted and summer returned for one final day just for us!! Supercars, classic cars, modified and custom flooded the grounds, giving an eclectic mix of engine roars!

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27th September 2017

Sally walks 26 miles for PoTS UK

On the 26th August, on another bank holiday weekend, myself and 6 friends took on another sponsored walk to raise money for PoTS UK.

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17th September 2017

London PoTS Masterclass 2017

PoTS UK in association with Dr Nick Gall were delighted to host the London PoTS Masterclass 2017. Almost 100 healthcare professionals attended to listen to both our UK specialists, and speakers from the USA, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany. This would not have been possible with out the hard work of our fundraisers.

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18th July 2017

Lorna Steps down as Chair of PoTS UK

PoTS UK Chair Lorna Nicholson, after much though, has decided to step down from leading our organisation.

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23rd May 2017

Newcastle PoTS Day

On Friday 19th May 2017, a ‘PoTS for Patients’ event was held within the Education Centre at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne. Organised by the PoTS UK charity, patients were welcomed by a number of medical professionals, who attended in order to deliver informative presentations and provide expert knowledge to individuals with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome.

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7th February 2017

PoTS Guidelines and Research

PoTS UK have a lot of plans underway to initiate and promote research and awareness in 2017.

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6th January 2017

Coping with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome Study

Please help Georgina with her study looking at how people with PoTS cope with their illness and whether this influences quality of life.

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1st December 2016

Postural Tachycardia Syndrome: A UK Occupational Therapy Perspective

Jenny Welford, an Occupational Therapist has had her study Published in the British Journal of Cardiology.

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2nd November 2016

Press Release from Ciro Ciampi from the Charity Car Show Fun Day

Turning 40 Never Felt So Good! “For my 40th, I wanted to have 3 days of fun with friends, family, customers & associates but above all make it really mean something – raise as much money as possible for charity with an initial target of £10,000”, Ciro Ciampi

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29th October 2016

PoTS through an occupational therapist’s eyes

Jenny Welford presents the results of her research at the Heart Rhythm Congress 2016

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25th October 2016

Award For PoTS UK Medical Advisor

Dr Robert Sheldon receives prestigious award in Canada

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24th October 2016

Welcome Dr Jane Simmonds

Dr Jane Simmonds joints our team at PoTS UK as a Physiotherapist medical adviser.

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17th October 2016

Heart Rhythm Congress and Patients Day 2016

PoTS UK and a number of members attended the Heart Rhythm Congress (HRC) 2016. This is an annual event and is staged in Birmingham

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1st October 2016

Sally's PoTS event

On the 27th August, bank holiday weekend, myself and three friends took on a challenge of walking for a straight 24 hours to raise money for PoTS UK. As I have been suffering with PoTS for over 3 years - but only diagnosed in February, we all thought it was time to take action and do an event to raise money and more importanly awareness for this condition.

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UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative meeting

PoTS UK attended the UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative (CMRC) Conference in Newcastle this week. This collaborative was established in 2013 as a working group of researchers, research funding organisations and ME/CFS charities. The aim is to produce high quality research into CFS/ME.

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9th May 2016

Poetry Competition Winners

We are delighted to announce that runners up were Andrea Faber, Coral Munro and Victoria Payne (who all receive a shopping tote donated by Ella Woodward) with the overall winner (a PoTS UK hoodie coming her way) being Pamela Newman.

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27th April 2016

Warwickshire PoTS Patient meeting

1st support group meeting held in Coventry

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18th April 2016

First PoTS UK Retreat

We were delighted that our first PoTS UK ‘5 elements’ retreat (Cotswolds Water Park Hotel, April 11th-12th) was so well attended. 84 delegates, some from as far afield as Canada were treated to a variety of talking-heads talks, interactive workshops, lifestyle tips and wellness treats in this stunning lakeside location.

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23rd March 2016

The "grand" warrior mums have done it again!

Following an inaugural coffee morning and jam sale last year, which raised over £1000 for Pots UK and EDS UK, and a subsequent choir concert which raised over £2000, two mum's from a small village in South Wales have brought in another £1000 from a second coffee morning and marmalade sale held on 12 March 2016! Alison Appleby and Gaynor Lloyd Williams from Creigiau near Cardiff, both have daughters (Ruth Appleby and Dawn Conrad) who suffer quite severely with both of these conditions.

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20th March 2016

Evie completed the Bath marathon fun run in her wheel chair for PoTS UK

On 13th March I did the Bath Half Marathon Fun Run in my wheelchair to raise money for two fantastic charities - Macmillan Cancer Support and POTS UK

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2nd March 2016

Survey of PoTS UK patients has been published in medical journal.

The British Journal of Cardiology has published the results of a survey of UK PoTS patients

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13th January 2016

PoTS Spring Retreat

Help yourself stick to those ailing New Year's resolutions about a balanced, self-caring, self- compassionate healthy-maximizing 2016

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26th October 2015

New PoTS UK Trustee

We would like to welcome Michaella Nuttall to our little team at PoTS UK, as a trustee. Michaella came on board over one year Michaelaago and has been a huge asset to our team. Inparticular Michaela has set up our Parent support groups and face book page.

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19th October 2015

Report from the Heart Rhythm Congress 2015

Includes news of Patients Day

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15th September 2015

UK's first PoTS Conference organised by PoTS UK.

PoTS UK organised the first meeting for healthcare professionals dedicated to PoTS in London yesterday.

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7th July 2015

New consensus statement on PoTS

The Heart Rhythm Society release new statement on PoTS, inappropriate sinus tachycardia and vasovagal syncope.

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15th June 2015

Cake sale raises over £500 for PoTS UK

A huge thank you to Gaynor and Alison for organising this event.

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27th May 2015

Largest PoTS Survey Ever

A big thank you to everyone who completed our survey.

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18th May 2015

Help PoTS research by completing survey

If you have PoTS please complete this survey by 24th May 2015

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22nd April 2015

PoTS UK Speaker Fund

PoTS UK introduce new travel grant for PoTS experts.

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26th March 2015

New Supporter : Darling Clothing

PoTS UK are honored and delighted to have Darling Clothing as a supporter ... We will hand over sales and distribution of PoTS merchandise including wristbands, which should be available shortly

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23rd March 2015

Barnes Chairity Ball Fundraising Event

PoTS UK would like to express their huge thanks to the Barnes Charity Ball Committee (pictured below with PoTS UK trustee Morwenna in gold) Many months of careful planning, creative efforts and hounding friends and acquaintances for actionable prizes - resulted in a superb night of medieval frolics and mayhem - and an impressive sum raised for 5 charities, including PoTS UK.

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8th January 2015

PoTS UK is now registered with the Charity Commission

As of 6 January 2015, PoTS UK has been registered with the charity commission of England and Wales.

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19th December 2014

PoTS Booklet now available

The new PoTS Booklet is now available.

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7th December 2014

Parents of People with PoTS

PoTS UK first ever Parents of People with PoTS meeting took place on a very rainy Sunday at the end of November. 13 parents attended and spent the afternoon discussing how the journey had been for them and their family and how could they use their experiences to help others.

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6th December 2014

Walsall school raises funds for PoTS UK

Queen Mary's High School are inspired by ex-pupil with PoTS to raise £3350

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16th October 2014

PoTS UK attends STARS patient day and the Heart Rhythm Congress

The PoTS UK team enjoyed attending STARS Patient Day and meeting some of our members there. As ever, some of the most powerful presentations were delivered by patients sharing their journey to find appropriate help and support.

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10th October 2014

Peter Capaldi, Supporter of PoTS UK

Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor in Doctor Who. He recognises the challenges faced by people with PoTS and is supportive of PoTS UK.

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14th September 2014

PoTS UK wristbands now available

You have been asking for them...and finally THEY ARE HERE! (and they look great!).

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22nd July 2014

Projects for PoTS People

PoTS UK is developing a number of projects that aim to improve services and quality of life for people with postural tachycardia syndrome.

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14th July 2014

PoTS UK attended the Dysautonomia International Conference 2014 In Washington DC

Read about the latest research, therapy dogs, the iv saline debate and how to be a chronic

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2nd July 2014

Karen Shares her story in the Press

Karen, one of our members, kindly shared her story with the Scottish Sunday express

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22nd June 2014

PoTS UK involved in British Medical Journal paper on PoTS

Professor Newton and her Newcastle team, in association with PoTS UK studies characteristics of patients with PoTS.

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19th May 2014


On the evening of the 12th May, Chandos House, the beautiful historical headquarters of the Royal Society of Medicine, tucked behind Oxford Steet in London, was filled with candles, flowers and sixty attendees intent on raising awareness of, and funds for, PoTS-UK.

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23rd April 2014


Dr Satish Raj, one of PoTS UK medical advisors, is conducting research into the role of the immune system in some types of PoTS.

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11th March 2014

Is PoTS caused by an abnormality of the immune system?

Researchers have discovered a possible autoimmune cause of PoTS

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18th January 2014

Wedding congratulations to Lorna and Simon

Wishing PoTS UK chair, Lorna, and her new husband Simon a happy future together.

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7th January 2014

Fund raising success

A big thank you to Jaime who is one our or members and raised over £250 for PoTS UK

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24th December 2013

PoTS In The Press

Kathryn, one of our members has shared her story with the daily mail.

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26th October 2013

Anti depressants and PoTS

Anti depressants can be used to help with PoTS symptoms

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3rd July 2013

You know you have PoTS when... by Hannah Ensor

New, second edition of Hannah Ensors cartoon book "You know you have PoTS when......" is now available

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21st June 2013

Do you have problems with low blood pressure?

Read our new leaflet on living with the symptoms that low blood pressure can cause some people, and what you can do to help.

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2nd June 2013

What's new in the medical journals?

Every 3-4 months, we will review the medical journals and update our members with any advances in knowledge about PoTS.

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29th May 2013

Chelsey shares her story in the newspapers

22 year old Chelsey Reynolds was a trainee nurse and part-time model when her life was dramatically altered by PoTS.She tells her story in the Daily Mail Online

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22nd May 2013

Newspaper publication

Life can be a struggle but I'm still smiling.

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Midodrine - new patient information leaflet

We have produced a new section on our website on Midodrine, a drug commonly used to treat PoTS

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3rd April 2013

PoTS UK joins the Specialised Healthcare Alliance (SHCA)

The Specialised Healthcare Alliance is an organisation of patient groups and campaigns on behalf of patients with rare and complex medical problems.

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5th March 2013

New PoTS information leaflet and 'PoTS person' picture

PoTSUK have updated their PoTS information flyer which includes an image of a person who has PoTS.

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23rd February 2013

PoTS UK approved by the Information Standard

PoTS UK was certified by the Information Standard on 18th February 2013.

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17th January 2013

Nursing Journal Publication

Lorna has had another journal article published in the Nursing Standard entitled "Diagnosis and management of Postural Tachycardia Syndrome"

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30th December 2012


To all PoTS UK members from the PoTS UK team

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1st November 2012


Our latest newsletter is ready for viewing

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9th October 2012


Melloney Ferrar,cardiology specialist nurse, received an award at the Heart Rhythm Congress 2012 for her work in setting up and running a PoTS Clinic

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25th September 2012

STARS Patient Day - a great success

STARS Patient Day was held in Birmingham on Sunday 23rd September.There were several talks by experts on PoTS and opportunities for patients to ask questions.

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7th September 2012

Research - Thankyou!

Thank you to all of you who have completed the questionnaire for Julia Newton. POTSUK members have completed a total of 96 questionnaires which is amazing.

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12th August 2012

New Celebrity Patron

PoTS UK is delighted to announce Rossif Sutherland as our new celebrity patron.

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7th August 2012

More Radio Coverage on PoTS

Rachel as a patient and Lesley as a GP with an interest in PoTS had the opportunity to speak about PoTS on BBC Radio WM.

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31st July 2012

Radio Coverage on PoTS

Rachel has PoTS and was interviewed today on BBC Radio Derby. She described how PoTS affects her life and her recent walk up Snowdon to raise funds for PoTSUK and STARS.

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9th July 2012

Snowdon Sponsored Walk

Saturday 7 July 2012, 9 of us (three of whom have PoTS) and one dog set out to walk up Mount Snowdon in Wales. It is the second highest mountain in the UK at 1085 meters high. The goal was to raise money for both STARS and PoTS UK.

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27th June 2012

Information Standard

PoTS UK is committed to fully participating in the department of healths accreditation scheme for health care information.

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1st April 2012

STARS Affiliation

We are now affiliated to STARS

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1st March 2012

New medical advisors

We would like to welcome Dr Satish Raj and Professor Julia Newton amongst our team of medical advisors. PoTS UK Teens face book group has been set up for those under 18 to meet and chat.

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1st February 2012


PoTS UKs spring news letter is now available

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We are now registered with the HMRC

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Patient UK

Patient UK Leaflet

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1st January 2012


We would like to welcome Dr John West and Professor Mike Gammage as Patrons of PoTS UK Dr John Purvis has also agreed to be one of our medical advisors.

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1st October 2011

Charity Status

Charity Status

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Second news letter

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1st January 2011


PoTS UKs first newsletter

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