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Exercise Overview

People with PoTS often have poor exercise tolerance and, as a result, may become deconditioned (loss of fitness). 

There is evidence that light to moderate exercise is beneficial or even curative  in some cases of PoTS. 

Increasing leg strength and core (central) muscles will improve blood return from the legs.  

Forms of exercise may include:

exersise cartoon
  • Swimming

  • Rowing

  • Recumbent biking progressing on to upright biking

  • *Pilates -  focuses on core strength, and is primarily done horizontally

  • Lower limb resistance training 

Start slowly, gradually increasing time and intensity.  

Upright exercise such as walking or jogging can be added after 2-3 months of recumbent exercise.

Have realistic expectations and know your limits, everyone will be different.

Factor in time to rest after exercise – fatigue may develop in the days following exercise. 

Stickman Cartoons from "You know you have PoTS when..." by Hannah Ensor, used under licence from

*Currently no available medical evidence. Based on patient or expert experience and opinion

 Exercise for PoTS and Syncope - Dr Low, Mr Caldow
Exercise training for PoTS and Syncope - Dr Low - STARS patient day 2012.pdf
Exercise - Putting the evidence to the test - Eddie Caldow - STARS patient day 2012.pdf
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Written by: Lorna Nicholson
Medically approved by: Dr Kavi, Prof Newton
Review date:1/9/18
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