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Counter manoeuvres

Fainting can be avoided by learning to take notice of early warning signs such as light-headedness, dizziness, nausea, and doing something about it.fidgiting

Lie down immediately; if possible elevate your legs

If your circumstances make this difficult:

  • Cross your legs while standing or rock up and down on your toes

  • Clench buttocks and abdominal muscles 

  • Clench your fists 

The risk of fainting can also be minimised by:

  • Come up from lying to standing slowly, sitting for a while first.

  • Avoid prolonged standing (* or sitting) –*fidgeting is the key. 

  • *Avoid having your hands over your head for a prolonged time.

  • *Prolonged sitting can cause symptoms in some people. Elevating legs can be helpful.

Stickman Cartoons from "You know you have PoTS when..." by Hannah Ensor, used under licence from

 *Currently no available medical evidence. Based on patient or expert experience and opinion.


Written by: Lorna Nicholsoninformaiton standard
Medically approved by: Dr Kavi, Prof Newton
Review date:1/9/18
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